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The Teknix Concepts USB Pedal Switcher is the basic version of the Teknix Concepts Matrix USB Pedal Switcher.  Both units give a playback operator the confidence needed to sync backup playback rigs with ultimate precision. The main feature that separates this device from anything else on the market is its ability to synchronize multiple computers with (1) switch (such as the Boss FS-5U, or any momentary non-latching switch with a ¼”), with the option to use (1) additional Remote Switch. The most important feature the Teknix Concepts Matrix USB Pedal Switcher has is its (2) parallel USB outputs. These function like a standard alpha keyboard “Spacebar”, which is normally assigned to start & stop operations for every major music & audio software application. This makes it possible to sync (2) computers, with no additional interfaces, no plug-ins, no time code, no MTC, no special cables, and no latency. Stop right there! Think of the possibilities! This unit has revolutionized playback sync, and has added the control necessary to create complex playback systems that you can count on. Achieve sync for more than 2 computers with the optional Teknix Concepts Pedal Switcher Extension and additional Teknix Concepts USB Pedal Switchers, see below.
This Switcher is rugged and hand made in the USA with the finest components to ensure long life and reliability. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and a lifetime guarantee for support and repairs. It has passive true bypass switching, so the Switcher does not require power.
This unit also allows much more accurate timing for “punching” in & out of the sequence/playback. No more guessing or hoping the punch is “in time”. Plus you don’t have to smash the fragile spacebar like it’s a snare drum. Just stomp on the respective FS-5U and leave the nice spacebar alone. There are (2) inputs for starting & stopping the A side & B side computers simultaneously, allowing (1) FS-5U input at the computers and another (1) input that can be run to the Remote switch, such as a drum set, lead singer, front man/woman, booth, broadcast, console, stage manager, show caller, producer, or another distant location. Both inputs can also function as Remote switches, so they don’t need to be near the computers if you still prefer to hit (2) spacebars at the same time and hope you were accurate with your synchronizing. Remote positions could include (2) different drum sets; or a producer & a stage manager both having start & stop control. Achieve more Remote switches with the Teknix Concepts Matrix USB Pedal Switcher or the Teknix Concepts Pedal Switcher Extension.
The Teknix Concepts USB Pedal Switcher has built in fault protection too, preventing many failures on (1) playback system from affecting the other working system(s). This is critical, if it gets too hot or cold, if Mercury is in retrograde, if the sun is spitting out solar flares, if your computers are too close to a broadcast dish or an Air Force base, you can rest easy that there will be no cross talk from one system to the other. Just unplug the failing system’s USB connector at the computer or the Teknix Concepts USB Pedal Switcher to correct the problem and/or restart all the hardware or software, while the other system keeps on running smoothly. Unplugging the USB does not initiate playback or send any start/stop data either, so if the cables get unplugged on accident it’s no problem.
The Teknix Concepts USB Pedal Switcher controls (2) computers simultaneously, but with a Teknix Concepts USB Switcher Extension and (1) or more Teknix Concepts USB Pedal Switchers, adding more computers to the playback system is easy and reliable. Making sync with Video, Pyro, Lighting, and more easier than it’s ever been. Contact us for more info, watch the tutorial below, or see the related products below.
Watch this video for a full explanation with examples.


Dimensions: (W/D/H): 4" x 5" x 1.25" (102mm x 127mm x 32mm)
Weight: .49lbs (7.8oz)
Connectors: (2) Female ¼” TRS inputs, (2) USB 2.0 B-Connector parallel outputs.
Computer Compatibility:
Mac OS 10.7 and higher.
Windows/DOS - 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 and higher.
Mac Linux.
Alpha key command is preset to “Spacebar”. Optional programming is available for alpha key to be any alpha key command, with or without “Shift”. Contact us for more info on purchasing a device with alternate programming or reprogramming a pre-owned device.

Contents Include

For more information on custom modifications/options and proper cables contact us. We also offer custom cables and custom cable adapters that work perfectly with this device and your equipment needs. Related Products

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