- 78 Essential Audio Reference Tracks

- Test Tone Frequencies, Oscillators, Pink Noise Generators

- Speech, Musical Scales, Drum Sounds, Animal Sounds, Music, And More

- Check Sound System On Any Media Player

- Easily Test PAs, Home/Car Stereos, Headphones, Amplifiers, And More

  • The International Roadie, “Music and Audio Tools” CD is a supplement to the Tricknology 8-DVD Instructional Video Series.  Designed to help you learn how to become an International Roadie, through in depth, 1-on-1 lessons on maintenance, servicing, and repairing all types of equipment used by musicians, audio engineers, and backline technicians.
  • It’s an encyclopedia of test tones. These 78 essential reference tracks include Drum Sounds, Test Tone Frequencies, Oscillators, Pink Noise Generators, Speech, Musical Scales, Animal Sounds, Music, & more.  I have used these reference sounds can be used to test musical & audio equipment, such as Speakers, Amplifiers, Wireless Units, Cables, Effects Units, Processors, Interfaces, and just about anything else that passes signal.
  • Use these test signals to check Sound System Fidelity and Function, in Studios, Theatres, Churches, Arenas, Stadiums, Home Theatres, Expos, Outdoor Events, Street Fairs, Festivals, and more. And I found them to be exponentially more effective than any app or software program, because the media is easily transferable to CD, ipods, mp3 players, computers, samplers, and more, to be used through any devices input with standard cable adapters, like RCA, 1/4”, XLR, and more.
  • I’ve created a section of my website to go deeper into all the uses and examples you could imagine for this CD, “the Music & Audio Tools Encyclopedia”.  Where I discuss in depth application, such as using it as an ear training system to develop skills that are simply unheard of in the music technology industry.  Like being able to identify all the 31 frequency bands of a graphic Equilizer by ear, which is useful for getting better sound fidelity & correcting feedback problems, when most professionals just guess. By referencing these test tones with only an iPod and headphones, you will be even more effective at identifying frequencies, accurately in real time. People will think you’re a genius, and that you have perfect pitch. I have actually had sound engineers get angry at how precise I am when asking for parametric adjustment instead of only using the available 31 bands of a graphic equalizer…  You can also use the drum sounds to preset effects, test room hang time of different frequencies and sounds, and even test sound systems without disturbing the neighbors, by using common sounds, not normally associated with Music and Sound equipment, like street noise, or bird sounds.
  • It also includes a track from my band Impentris. As well as one from my Solo Project Guitar Serenity.  These are also useful for referencing sound equipment, but really it’s just a taste of my music and I hope you enjoy them.
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