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The Teknix Concepts TRS A/B Pedal Switcher is an A/B switching stomp box.  It can be used like most standard A/B switches, allowing "A" or "B" only.  Use this heavy-duty switcher to easily and reliably switch between (2) balanced or unbalanced sources.  When you need a heavy-duty switch that you can pounce on when it counts, going to the back up is easy and reliable.  By not patching "A" or "B" you can create an On/Off switch as well.  The Teknix Concepts TRS A/B Pedal Switcher is a passive true bypass audio switcher with a blue LED to indicate channel “A”, and a red LED to indicate channel "B". It is rugged and hand made in the USA with the finest components to ensure long life and reliability.  It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and a lifetime guarantee for support and repairs.
Use this switcher as an On/Off or an A/B switcher.  It can be used with (2) inputs to (1) output, or (1) input to (2) outputs. Perfect for Balanced Audio, Unbalanced Audio, MIDI, SMPTE, and more.  Simply connect your ¼” cable(s) to the ¼” input(s), and use the ¼” output(s) to connect to your amp, channel, receiver, etc.  Typical A/B inputs include (2) microphones, (2) midi sources such as a computer and a keyboard, alternating time code, tone switching interrupters, and more.  Typical A/B outputs include (2) amps, (2) console inputs, tuner out, and more.
By using the Teknix Concepts TRS A/B Pedal Switcher with a merger, or an AND switcher, you can really create some interesting circuits for control, backups, switching, doubling, and so much more.


Dimensions: (W/D/H): 3" x 5" x 3" (77mm x 127mm x 77mm)
Weight: .6 lbs (10 oz)
Switching: "A" or "B" passive true bypass switching for balanced audio, unbalanced audio, MIDI, SMPTE, and more.
Connectors: (2) ¼” Instrument, (1) ¼” Instrument. All ¼” connectors latch/lock to prevent disconnect. Can be used as (2) inputs to (1) output or (1) input to (2) outputs.
Power: 9v battery, lasts 100+ hours on B-Channel.. Optional upgrade to wall wart power supply.
  For more information on custom modifications/options and proper cables contact us. We also offer custom cables and custom cable adapters that work perfectly with this device and your equipment needs.

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Passive true bypass switching a or b also works as a mute switch 2 ins 1 out or 1 in 2 outs heavy duty stomp switch pv battery lasts 100+ hours on b channel optional upgrade to wall wart power supply b channel red led for balanced audio unbalanced audio midi smpte and more related products teknix switchers trs matrix madi xlr trs cable products you can count on 1 year warranty lifetime support service in stock ready to ship handmade in the usa teknix shop products services information and more for musicians technicians music lovers shop by popular categories services tricknology video series impentris music merch guitar serenity international roadie clothing line teknix switchers 
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