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Guitar Serenity – The Eras & Beyond is a relaxing journey through classical guitar masterpieces, intimately performed by Ryan Huddleston. After spending decades studying all types of music, he chose a fundamental set of compositions to rearrange, and deliver with a modern sound and approach. The Eras & Beyond is Ryan Huddleston’s long awaited debut album, with twenty-three tracks of beautifully emotive perfection. He introduces some of his original classical compositions, as well as performing a wide variety of classical favorites by notable composers such as: Bach, Carcassi, Tarrega & Vivaldi,  and many more.  His efforts are to encourage peaceful relaxation, while listening to the only musical genre proven repeatedly to stimulate neurological activity, harmonize the body’s cellular structure, and increase the power of healing with music.



 Read what the experts think…

“Music is among the most ancient of therapeutic devices. References to it as a healing aid appear in the Bible, Greek and Roman literature, and Egyptian records.”

-Professor of Psychology, Robert Lundin, Author of An Objective Psychology of Music


“Music can soothe, calm and heal. It can also bring joy, and joy is therapeutic. Calming music acts as a balancing, structuring influence.”

“Most music therapists and brain scientists who have studied the effect of music on the brain/mind agree that Classical Music has the greatest therapeutic value and potential for enhancing self-knowledge and self-development.”

“Music can strengthen or weaken your muscles, slow down or speed up your breathing, decrease or increase your heart rate, and integrate your brain. Music as medicine often works as well as caffeine or tranquilizers, and there are no side effects!”

“Chaotic music with irregular rhythms can speed up our heart rate and actually change its rhythm. Music with an irregular rhythm can also be disturbing to the body, causing an irregular heart rhythm. Not only are our hearts affected by the rhythms around us, but our muscular movements are affected, as well as the subtle rhythms of every cell, molecule, and atom in our bodies. Music can stimulate or calm them, balance them, or jar and disrupt them.”

-Stephanie Merritt, Author of Mind, Music & Imagery


“Music can facilitate the development of our highest potential as human beings or it can plunge us into despair and depression and even cause disease.”

-Psychologist, Roberto Assagioli, Author of Psychosynthesis


“(The body is a) virtual symphony of frequencies, sounds, and biological, mental, and emotional rhythms in a state of continuous flow, which seek to achieve and maintain the state of perfect balance and equilibrium.”

-Dr. Randall McClellan, Director of Sonic Arts Foundation


“People (should) begin and end each day with music. It liberates the listener from the day’s conflicts and concerns and enables him or her to sleep more soundly and dream more vividly.”



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(Ryan Huddleston Guitar Solo Live! Francisco Tarrega – Lagrima)

(Ryan Huddleston Guitar Solo Live! Dionisio Aguado – Study in Amin)

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The Roadie Memoirs:

1. Impentris Record Release Concert Newest Release

Impentris was live in concert, it was an awesome show!!!

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where outer space meets the Middle East, a whole new world on a magic carpet ride, or in a Ferrari. 

3. Tokyo, Japan

Domo Origami Mr. Rubato.

4. Sydney, Australia

Let’s put another Barbie on the shrimp, she’s delicious.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light… But it really highlights your features, and green kinda makes you look like a pregnant alien.

6. St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Welcome to paradise, playmates, and stubborn goats that won’t share the road.

7. Athens, Greece

“When in Rome…” Destroy all the sculptural remains of the past…But leave the bosom please.

8. Stonehenge, England

“I said eighteen feet, not eighteen inches.”

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