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The Guitar Repair & Maintenance Workshop is a hands-on experience. Learn to get better tone & feel, and increase the value of your guitar. Comes with take home materials, life-long resources, and free give-aways. Take your guitar playing and technical awareness to a professional standard that can save you time and money forever.




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Introduction to instructor Ryan Huddleston. Work experience, current occupation, education, and certifications.

Acoustic Guitars

Discussion about the physics of the instrument, different types of guitars & string concepts, prevention of common failures, maintenance, humidity, storage, and minor & major repairs. Summary and quiz.

Electric Guitars

Discussion about the physics of the instrument, different types of guitars & string concepts, prevention of common failures, maintenance, humidity, storage, and minor & major repairs. Summary and quiz.


Discussion about what a setup is and why it’s needed. The difference between an acoustic and an electric setup. Understanding the fretboard, action, truss rod, intonation, string nuts, etc. When to take it to a pro. This segment includes hands-on and group activities. Summary and quiz.

Guitar Electronics

Discussion about pickups, magnetism, electrical fields, and grounding. Basic electronic fundamentals. When, why, and how to change pickups. Function & failures of potentiometers, toggle switches, output jacks, pickups, wiring, etc. Causes of hum and buzz. Summary and quiz.


Demonstration and discussion of minor & major repairs, replacement of tuners, string nuts, potentiometers, output jacks, switches, and more; also covers fretboard, hardware, and wood problems.

Q&A and Conclusion

Discussion and demonstrations with students’ guitars. Industry resources and further education. Final conclusion and give-aways.

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Meet the Instructor

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Ryan Huddleston is a professional Audio Engineer, Technician, and Backline Specialist, as well as an accomplished recording and performing Musician. He has been a key figure for multiple world tours, recording sessions, and production designs for numerous Multi-Platinum Artists and professional productions; including Train, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Bolton, Joss Stone, The Go-Gos, Tony Robbins, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Microsoft, and many more. Before touring, Ryan was an Authorized Warranty Repair Senior Technician for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and other electronic devices at one of the largest repair facilities in the country, String Masters. While working there he completed 6 college degrees and several certifications in the fields of Music Technology, Live Sound Reinforcement, Recording Arts, Digital Audio Production, Stage Performance, Amplifiers & Electronics, Stringed Instruments, Pro Tools, and Wireless Coordination. Ryan’s professionalism, musical talents, tactical precision, and digital wizardry have allowed him to work with hundreds of A-level artists & major corporations for over 15 years, in more than 60 countries, with dozens of endorsement relationships, White House clearance, and pockets full of MacGyver tricks.

Guitar Repair Workshop 1


– Kurt & Vicky

Guitar Repair Workshop 2

“Going both days was a great idea. Each day was different and unique to the guitarists at the workshop. I learned so much. It was an amazing workshop, Ryan is definitely an industry expert.”

– Garrett

Guitar Repair Workshop 3

“Thank you. I learned so much and I look forward to next time.”

– Elizabeth

 Guitar Repair Workshop 4

“Enjoyable class.”

– Charles

 Guitar Repair Workshop 5

“I was only able to make half the class, so they gave me a special discount. This class is worth taking. I’m looking forward to completing the whole program and getting the certification.”

– David

 Guitar Repair Workshop 6

“I was very happy with the event, I got a lot out of it.”

– Brian

“Excellent and informative class.”

– Thomas

Guitar Repair Workshop.7

“Extremely thorough and informative. Ryan caters to the needs and experience of every person.”

– Kris

Guitar Repair Workshop.8

“Loved the course, fixed my guitar. Thank you so much for putting on the workshop. Ryan was great, what a wealth of knowledge! He was totally hands-on, he covered so much in a short time, and even went overtime. My Les Paul sounds like a different guitar! Even though he just scratched the surface, he answered so many questions, there are thousands more and he gave the info and the resources to find the answers. Again, great job, well done!!!!!”

– Mark


Guitar Workshops life’s too short for bad tone maintenance sign up now! Topics include acoustic guitars electric bass setups electronics common repairs hands-on Q&A 6 hour class bring your guitar one guitar or bass per person 1 day workshop 10am 5pm $155 $285 for both days guitarists audio engineers technicians experience learn to get better tone feel and increase the value of your guitar comes with free give aways take home materials life long resources take your guitar playing and technical awareness to a professional standard that will save you time and money forever with instructor ryan huddleston professional guitar tech and recording musician he’s been a key figure in world tours recording sessions and production designs for Train Taylor Swift linkin park Kelly Clarkson joss stone Michael Bolton tony robbins and many more studio west 2006 teknix concepts ceo musician producer songwriter programmer designer engineer technician instructor author photographer