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Teknix Concepts Tips n Trix GraphsDifferent types of graph paper for everything from engineering to math. 

– Square

– Double Square

– Sequence Box

– Triangle

– Crosshair

– Storyboard

– Angle

Charts.2Different chart types. From the bones in the human body to the periodic table. 

– Classical Mechanics

– Earth and the Solar System

– Orders of Magnitude

– Alternative Alphabets

– The Human Skeleton

– Geometric Shapes & Equations

– The Periodic Table of Elements


Schematics of everything from amps to computers. 

– Speaker Wiring

– Speaker Wiring


Formulas of everything from Ohm’s Law to the Quadratic Formula. 

– Ohm’s Law






Tech Tips & Trix by International Roadie.

Tips & Trix for your daily use. Everything from audio tips to translations for traveling abroad. This section is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician in the Music Industry.

Tricknology 8-DVD Set

Tricknology Video Series

The Tricknology Video Series, with 8 DVD’s & more than 6 hours of instruction, is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician in the Music Industry. Ryan Huddleston takes you into the shop, into the studio, and on the road with him, to teach you all the best trix & methods of professional Audio Engineers & Backline Technicians.


Music & Audio Tools CD

  • The International Roadie, “Music and Audio Tools” CD is a supplement to the Tricknology 8-DVD Instructional Video Series.  Designed to help you with maintenance, servicing, and repairing all types of equipment used by musicians, audio engineers, and backline technicians. Use these test signals to check Sound System Fidelity and Function, in Studios, Theatres, Churches, Arenas, Stadiums, Home Theatres, Expos, Outdoor Events, Street Fairs, Festivals, and more.

Translation Main Image

Foreign language translations for your International Gigs.     

– Spanish                   – Chinese

– Portugese               – Japanese

– German                   – Arabic

Dutch                       – French

Danish                     – Russian

Treasures of the Web.2Here are some of my favorite websites to visit. Find lots of useful information and links here. 

– Shopping                – Security

– Finance                   – Food

– Music                       – Live Concerts


Teknix Concepts Tips n Trix Helpful DiagramsHelpful diagrams and charts. Everything from standard graph paper to the periodic table.

– Graphs                     – Charts

Schematics            – Formulas


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Elixir strings troubleshooting videos with Ryan Huddleston Ryan’s Recent Projects

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