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Teknix Service Shred.LargeMusic Instruction

SHRED TEKNIX is a small team of educated and experienced music instructors. We are focused on advanced musicians and songwriters, but we work with all levels and all ages. We have instructors specialized in guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, voice, theory, and more.


Whether you’re getting ready to move to Hollywood to become the next big star, or just seeking a better music instructor to help unlock your child’s potential, having the right instructor is essential. Ryan and his team’s teaching style is focused on improving memory development, synchronizing hand-eye coordination, inducing relaxation & calming, increasing the power of healing & studying, and strengthening music appreciation. Ryan and his team offer everything you need to get you closer to achieving your dreams with music, while making it fun, educational, and inspiring.

With Ryan’s tools, experience, & resources they help you break out of the box, and provide new ideas & insights to old concepts; for all instrumentation and music genres, song writing & music theory, technique & chop development, aspects of recording & live performance, programming complex MIDI & computer configurations, servicing your own gear, and so much more. So now that you’re ready to put down the guitar video games and become a real musician, we can cover all the steps necessary, from putting your first strings on to mastering all the rock-god poses. Give yourself the full experience of performing like a Rock Star with Shred Teknix Music Instruction.

Instrument and Amplifier Repair Also Available!

*All Teknix Services Are By Appointment Only.


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Ryan Huddleston is a professional Sound Engineer, Electronics Technician, and Instrument Specialist, as well as an accomplished recording and performing Musician. He has been a key figure and consultant for multiple world tours, recording sessions, and production designs for numerous Multi-Platinum Artists and professional productions like Christina Aguilera, Train, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, The Fray, Michael Bolton, Joss Stone, NFL, NHL, The Today Show, Live 8, Tony Robbins, Microsoft, and many more. Before touring, Ryan was an Authorized Warranty Repair Senior Technician for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and other electronic devices at one of the largest instrument repair facilities in the country, String Masters. While working there as District Manager, he completed 6 college degrees and several certifications in the fields of Music Technology, Music Theory, Stage Performance, Live Sound Reinforcement, Recording Arts, Digital Audio Production, Amplifiers & Electronics, Stringed Instruments, Pro Tools Software, and Wireless Coordination. Ryan’s professionalism, musical talents, tactical precision, and digital wizardry have allowed him to work with hundreds of A-level artists & major corporations for more than 15 years, in more than 60 countries, with dozens of endorsement relationships, White House clearance, and pockets full of MacGyver tricks.

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Elite Services and Custom Solutions for Music Performance and Technical Productions. Music Performance, Artist Development, Advanced Guitar, Business Planning, Theory and Songwriting, Install and Calibration, Health and Wealth, Repairs and Modifications, Security, Video Production and more.


Improving the Community Through Training, Hands-On Experience, and Instruction for talented and aspiring musicians & technicians through scholarships, donated time, equipment, studio & shop facilities, and other resources. We believe in helping to make the San Diego Music Community stronger & smarter. It’s our goal to support and educate the community, by leading the leaders of tomorrow.

Tekserv.tone.StrokeTONE TEKNIX

Manufacturer Warranty Certified Repairs for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and electronics. Focused on professional touring & recording. Services include repairs, upgrades, modifications, installations, servicing, maintenance, and more.  Other services available for microphones, keyboards, computers, MIDI equipment, speakers, cables, rack equipment, road cases, and much more.

Tekserv.shred.StrokeSHRED TEKNIX

Music Instruction specialized for advanced musicians and songwriters. Available for all levels of experience and ages. Clinics, private lessons, Skype, and lectures. Instruction on guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, voice, theory, instrument repairs, technical designs, instructional videos, free tutorials, and more. TEKNIX

Professional Audio Recording, Touring Services and Equipment Rentals. Large and small production events, specialized services and custom equipment packages for live music, live & studio recording, corporate events, weddings, parties, and more. Design & installations for studios, home, and commercial.



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