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RH-005BlkRed Int Road.2

Ryan Huddleston is a human Swiss army knife, with a piece of positivity, know-how, and wisdom for every occasion. His many musical specialties and extensive technical backgrounds have placed him as a key figure and consultant for world tours, recording sessions, and music production designs of numerous multi-platinum artists, corporations, and professional productions, including Christina Aguilera, Train, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Bolton, The Fray, Joss Stone, Avenged Sevenfold, NFL, NHL, The Today Show, Live 8, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more. San Diego based, nature loving, active and athletic; when home Ryan is often playing gigs, teaching music, creating new music in the home studio, surfing at the beach, practicing botany in the garden, or researching in his home library. Before touring, Ryan was an Authorized Warranty Repair Senior Technician for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and other electronic devices at one of the largest instrument repair facilities in the country, String Masters. While working there as District Manager, he completed 6 college degrees and several certifications in the fields of Music Performance, Music Theory, Music Technology, Stage Performance, Live Sound Reinforcement, Recording Arts, Digital Audio Production, Amplifiers & Electronics, Stringed Instruments, Pro Tools Software, and Wireless Coordination. Growing up playing team sports and several musical instruments, Ryan developed a natural leadership and ability to direct groups, music projects and bands, such as Impentris, Guitar Serenity, International Roadie, Free to Burn, LeperKhanz, and many more. Ryan’s professionalism, musical talents, tactical precision, discipline, fitness, and digital wizardry have allowed him to work at the highest level with A-list artists & major corporations for more than 20 years, in more than 70 countries, at the biggest events in the industry, with dozens of endorsement relationships, White House clearance, and pockets full of MacGyver tricks.

0.The Roadie Memoirs

Have you ever wondered what its like to be an International Roadie? Hanging out backstage with Rockstars, meeting amazing people all around the world. Constantly working with hot new bands & legends alike. Utilizing cutting edge technology to enhance the power of music, and deliver it to millions of people throughout the globe.

Follow Ryan Huddleston around the world, as he takes you inside his everyday life to some of the coolest places on the planet. You’ll see what its like to be on tour with internationally successful musical artists. From backstage at major music productions, to the Great Wall of China, you never know what, or who, he might find next… in the International Roadie Memoirs.

While touring with Christina Aguilera, Train, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson, Linkin Park, Julien-K, Joss Stone, The Rolling Stones, Green Day, and many more internationally successful bands, he captures the most amazing moments and brings them right to you, right here.  You can see what a typical day off is like, or learn how to work with professional sound & musical equipment.  Meet other touring technicians & musicians, and even catch some new music & videos from Ryan himself.  After working with the best musicians in the world for over a decade, you can imagine he picked up a few tricks.  Stick around and you’ll see what its like to be an International Roadie.

Dubai Square Thumb.StrokeDubai, United Arab Emirates

Where outer space meets the Middle East, a whole new world on a magic carpet ride, or in a Ferrari. 

Tokyo Square Thumb.StrokeTokyo, Japan

Domo Origami Mr. Rubato.

Sydney Square Thumb.Stroke1Sydney, Australia

Let’s put another Barbie on the shrimp, she’s delicious.

Amsterdam Square Thumb.StrokeAmsterdam, Netherlands

“Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light…” But it really highlights your features, and green kinda makes you look like a pregnant alien.

St Thomas Square Thumb.StrokeSt. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Welcome to paradise, playmates, and stubborn goats that won’t share the road.

Athens Square Thumb.StrokeAthens, Greece

“When in Rome…” Destroy all the sculptural remains of the past…But leave the bosom please.

StoneHenge Square Thumb.StrokeStonehenge, England

“I said eighteen feet, not eighteen inches.”

Imp Concert image.5StrokeImpentris Record Release Concert

Impentris was live in concert, it was an awesome show!!!

Roadie Media


The Tricknology Video Series, with 8 DVD’s & more than 6 hours of one-on-one instruction, is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician. Ryan Huddleston takes you into the shop, into the studio, and on the road with him, to teach you all the best trix of professional Audio Engineers & Backline Technicians.


Music and Audio Tools.StrokeMUSIC & AUDIO TOOLS

The International Roadie “Music and Audio Tools” CD is an encyclopedia of test tones. 78 essential reference tracks: Drum Sounds, 31-Band EQ Test Tones, Oscillators, Pink Noise Generators, Speech, Musical Scales, Animal Sounds, Music, & more.  Use these reference sounds to test musical & audio equipment in the shop and on location.





Elixir’s Guitar Tech Video Series, featuring Ryan Huddleston. Learn the secrets of a professional guitar technician, so you can quickly troubleshoot and prevent technical difficulties, such as String Buzz, No Volume, Noise and Crackle, and Staying In Tune. Get your gear optimized for performance.



FriendsOnTour.6StrokeMY FRIENDS ON TOUR

Meet the personalities & positions of the band and crew on the road with Ryan, with interviews, pictures, bios, links, & Rockstar stories from around the globe.




TrainCrue Landing.8StrokeTRAIN CRUE

The complete backstage experience behind the scenes with Train’s Road Crew: pictures, videos, music, stories & more. Introducing the band and crew like never seen before.

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