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Ryan Huddleston is a professional audio engineer, technician, and backline specialist, as well as an accomplished recording and performing musician. He has been a key figure for multiple world tours, recording sessions, and production designs for numerous multi-platinum artists and professional productions; including Train, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Bolton, Microsoft, Donald Trump, and many more. Ryan is an authorized warranty repair technician for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and other electronic devices. He has also received several vocational degrees and certifications in the fields of music technology, live sound reinforcement, recording arts, digital audio production, amplifiers & electronics, stringed instruments and wireless coordination.


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The Tricknology Video Series, with 8 DVD’s & more than 6 hours of instruction, is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician in the Music Industry. Ryan Huddleston takes you into the shop, into the studio, and on the road with him, to teach you all the best trix & methods of professional Audio Engineers & Backline Technicians.


Have you ever wondered what its like to be an International Roadie? Hanging out backstage with Rockstars, meeting amazing people all around the world. Constantly working with hot new bands & legends alike. Utilizing cutting edge technology to enhance the power of music, and deliver it to millions of people throughout the globe.  Follow Ryan Huddleston around the world, as he takes you to some of the coolest places on the planet.


SHRED TEKNIX is a small team of educated and experienced music instructors. We are focused on advanced musicians and songwriters, but we work with all levels and all ages. We have instructors specialized in guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, voice, theory, and more.




TONE TEKNIX is a small team of manufacturer certified stringed instrument, amplifier, and electronics technicians, focused on professional touring & recording. Our services include servicing, maintenance, repairs, modifications, upgrades, and more. We also work on many other electronic devices including; microphones, keyboards, computers, speakers, cables, rack equipment, road cases, and much more.



AUDIO TEKNIX is a small team of audio engineers & technicians, focused on professional touring & recording services. We are qualified engineers with high quality equipment, the highest credentials, and current certifications. We have worked with many large and small production events, and have versatile resources to provide specialized services and custom equipment packages for all occasions. Including music festivals, live music recording, studio recording, corporate events, ballroom presentations, weddings, exhibits, parties, political rallies, recorded minutes for executive meetings, and more.


Impentris has endured many challenges and achieved many great accomplishments.  With influence from legends like Pantera, Megadeth, and Ozzy; when music still had shredding guitar solos, explosive drum solos, dominating bass lines, and terrifying vocals.  Impentris’ debut album, “Approaching the Darkness” released in 2012, was written and recorded over 10 years ago.  With the newest advances in technology and modern software capabilities, Ryan and his team were able to bring Kelly Briggs’ lost and forgotten vocal recordings back to life.



Experience a relaxing journey through classical guitar masterpieces, intimately performed by Ryan Huddleston. He delivers a wide variety of classical favorites from notable composers such as Bach, Carcassi, Tarrega & Vivaldi, while intertwining his original compositions. Classical music has been proven to stimulate neurological activity and is known to increase the power of healing. This album is ideal for any type of relaxation, healing, meditation, studying, calming, child & infant development, memory development, and music appreciation.




Ryan’s Resume

Career Goals

…To be an industry leading musical production designer, producer, and performer; focused on a professional attitude, positive energy, integrity, invention, efficiency, and excellence (pie squared).



×6 Completed College Vocational Degrees 3.92GPA

-Focus on Music, Audio, Computers, Electronics, MIDI

×20 Years of formal music studies and private lessons

×High School Diploma w/Honors 3.98GPA


Employment History

*Backline / Pro Tools / Audio / Elec. Drums /

 Computer Technician; Train (Jul 2012-*Current)

*Backline / Keys / MIDI / Pro Tools / Video /

 Computer Technician; Michael Bolton (Jan 09-Jul 12)

*Shop Manager / Studio Manager / Audio Engineer; Sound

 Productions Co. {San Diego, CA} (06-2012)

×Pro Tools Field Recording Engineer & Operator; Avenged

Sevenfold, Taylor Swift, Gnarls Barkley, etc. (06-08)

×Strings / Keys / MIDI / Utility Tech; Human League, Belinda

 Carlisle, ABC, Flock of Seagulls -Regeneration Tour (Sum 08)

-In-Ear Monitor Engineer / Pro Tools Operator / Logic

 Recording Engineer / Backline Programming Specialist;

Julien-K, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Orgy  (Sum 07-08)

×Audio Engineer / System Technician / RF Coordinator;

 Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suzi Orman,

 George Foreman, Jim Cramer, etc. –Learning Annex (06-07)

×Backline & Strings Tech / Pro Tools & MIDI Operator;

Kelly Clarkson US Tour (Sum-Fall 06)

×Stage Manager / Backline / Pro Tools Engineer {Guitars,

Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Audio}; Joss Stone (04-05)

×Backline / Driver {Drums, Gtrs, Keys} The GoGos (Sum 04)

×Sound Image Audio Engineer / Technician (03-04)

×String Masters Custom Shop Regional Manager / Senior

 Technician for Amps, Electronics, and Strings (02-04)


Self-Employment History

Shred Teknix = Musical Instruction (1997-*Current)

Impentris = Musical Performer (1999-*Current)

Tone Teknix = Musical Instrument Repairs (2001-*Current)

Audio Teknix = Audio Design & Installations (2008-*Current)

Teknix Concepts = Artist & Prod. Management (2008-*Current)

Guitar Serenity = Musical Performer (2005-*Current)

International Roadie = Author / Musical Artist (2011-*Current)


Certifications & Degrees

×Certified & Warranty Authorized Technician for Stringed

 Instruments, Amplifiers & Other Electronics (see list below)

×Pro Tools Certified Music Operator; 2004 & 2009 (v8.0)

×Sennheiser RF / Wireless Certified; 2009

×Certified Hockey Coach; Semipro and College level; 2000

×Miracosta College Vocational Degrees / Certificates; 2004

-Recording Arts / Album Production 3.92 GPA

-Live Sound Reinforcement 3.96 GPA

-Digital Audio 4.0 GPA

-Advanced Digital Audio 4.0 GPA

-Music Technology 4.0 GPA

-Performance Technician 4.0 GPA

Computerized Audio Production (pending)

Music Performance (pending)


Other Experience

×Produced & Published an 8-DVD Instructional Video Series

“Tricknology Video Series” by Teknix Concepts

×Produced & Published 2 Musical Albums

“The Eras & Beyond” by Guitar Serenity

“Approaching the Darkness” by Impentris

×Multiple World Tours to North America, South America, Europe,

 Asia, Africa, and Australia

×Major Televised Productions: Live 8 London, Grammys, Nobel

Peace Prize, Brit Awards, V fest, Bonaroo, T in the Park, Summer

Sonic, SD Street Scene, Letterman, Leno, Donald Trump, etc

×Musician: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys and Voice

×Songwriter, Musical Director, & Lead Guitarist of heavy metal band,

 IMPENTRIS (1999-Current)

×Songwriter, Composer, & Performer of solo classical guitar,

Guitar Serenity (2009-Current)

×Electric Guitar Luthier, custom designs since 1999

×Pyrotechnics classroom training and field experience with NHL, NFL, and 4th of July events.

Including advanced technical synchronization.

×Physical Therapy hands on training and hands on experience

×High school varsity hockey 4yrs; 2yrs Team Captain

×Rubik’s cube solve in less than 2 minutes



×Stringed Instrument Warranty Authorized Repair:

-Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Martin, Ovation, Alvarez, Gretsch,

Jasmine, Mitchel, Peavey, Tacoma, Takamine, Washburn,

Yamaha, Yairi, B.C. Rich, Brian Moore, Conklin, Ibanez,

Parker, P.R.S., Ricken Bacher, Samick, Taylor, Tom

Anderson, Warwick, and more.

×Amplifier & Electronics Warranty Authorized Repair:

-Fender, Gallien Krueger, SWR, Gibson, Trace Elliot

-All Guitar Center #111 & #112 RA including; Marshall,

Korg, Ampeg, Crate, Mesa Boogie, Line 6, Vox, Digitech,

Yamaha, Roland, Rocktron, Boss, Sony, Mackie, DBX,

DOD, plus many more digital and analog devices.

×Fender Warranty Authorized Repair:

-Acoustic Guitar Repair – Silver Level (2002)

-Electric Guitar Repair – Silver Level (2002)

-Amplifier & Electronics Repair – Silver Level (2002)


×Musical Instruction Experience:

-Numerous multi-platinum artists

-Amateur & professional band start-ups

-Private instructor for Miracosta College; Live Sound Reinforcement

-Private instructor for RBV High School; Guitar Class

-As many as 40 students per class

-Maintaining 100+ students per week

-Diverse ages; as young as 4 years through 82 years old

-Featured in an 8-DVD set of music technology instruction

-Completed all traditional music transfer courses for BA including;

Music Theory, Ear Training, Musicianship, Songwriting, Piano, etc



Impentris Concert Image

Impentris Record Release Concert

  Impentris Record Release Concert – July 13th, 2012 Impentris was live in concert, it was an awesome show!!! With the release of our debut album, “Approaching the Darkness”, we reclaimed our place in the San Diego Music Scene.  G.F.Y., Medius and ThEleventHour also appeared.  Here is a photo recap of the night at the Ramona […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Where outer space meets the Middle East, a whole new world on a magic carpet ride, or in a Ferrari. When I was a child I never thought I’d grow up to be a time traveler. Being able to get into an air vessel and arrive in a different […]

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

  Tokyo, Japan – Domo Origami Mr. Rubato.   Four days off in Tokyo, Japan. All for a short radio show of only about 5 songs. I can’t explain how fun it was to get paid to party four days in a row, in such an awesome city. We would nap after dinner and start […]


Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia – Let’s put another Barbie on the shrimp, she’s delicious.   The first sight I saw in the daytime in Sydney, a poor view of downtown from high up in the elevator window at the hotel. For some reason I expected it to look different, even though it was still amazing. We didn’t […]


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light… But it really highlights your features, and green kinda makes you look like a pregnant alien.   Amsterdam for the first time, an amazing experience. Right off the bus, I dropped my bags and went straight to the days adventure. Behind me […]


St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands – Welcome to paradise, playmates, and stubborn goats that won’t share the road.   People are always asking me what is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to, and I always have such a hard time deciding. I often end up saying home, San Diego. Which of course translated means […]


Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece – The foundation for Western Culture. “When in Rome…” Destroy all the sculptural remains of the past…But leave the bosom please.   We left mid day on foot and headed up the hill towards the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. This was the first good view we had of the historic site, on the […]


Stonehenge, England

  Stonehenge, England – “I said eighteen feet, not eighteen inches.” I guess it’s good Nigel wasn’t there to confuse the Ancient Druids.   Even though we were out late last night having birthday drinks with some friends in London, and were exhausted beyond belief, we got up early in the morning to catch the […]


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My Friends at Home

Get to know the different persons, personalities, and positions of the band and crew on the road with me. Read about them in my interviews that include pictures, bios, links, & amazing stories surrounding famous Rockstars from around the globe… Leave Comments Down Below!   -CLASSIC HEAVY METAL, WITH A MODERN EDGE -A RELAXING JOURNEY […]

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Train Crue

  The complete backstage experience. Go behind the scenes and get to know the band and crew. Here are their candid perspectives. Ryan Huddleston Bass Tech, Programmer Rob Greene Monitors Sound Engineer Jason Moore Front of House Sound Engineer Kenny Sharretts Drum Tech Brock Hogan Lighting Designer Ian Planet Guitar and Keyboard Tech Moose Douglass […]

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Shred Licks & Trix

  -CLASSIC HEAVY METAL, WITH A MODERN EDGE -A RELAXING JOURNEY THROUGH CLASSICAL GUITAR MASTERPIECES The Roadie Memoirs: 1. Impentris Record Release Concert Newest Release Impentris was live in concert, it was an awesome show!!! 2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates Where outer space meets the Middle East, a whole new world on a magic carpet ride, or […]

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Tech Tips & Trix

Tech Tips & Trix by International Roadie. Tips & Trix for your daily use. Everything from audio tips to translations for traveling abroad. This section is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician in the Music Industry. Tricknology Video Series The Tricknology Video Series, with 8 DVD’s & more than 6 hours of instruction, is perfect […]

A wall of Les Paul guitars made by both Gibson and Epiphone hangs in the Guitar Center on south loop 289. Paul, the inventor of multi-track recording and pioneer of the electric guitar, died Thursday morning in White Plains, NY at the age of 94. (John A. Bowersmith/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

Equipment Endorsements

These are the wonderful companies and products that I use and recommend.  I couldn’t do it without them.  Thank you to all of my vendors and friends for the support and endorsements.  Click the images to go right to their website.                                      -CLASSIC HEAVY […]

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