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Solutions for analog digital audio playback systems and backline rigs professional backup switching for xlr trs usb madi midi smpte footswitching automation synchronization and more road tested and handmade in the usa custom designs for touring and studios madi digital audio (aes3 aes10) manual a-or-b mute switches bnc ins bnc parallel outs true bypass switching light weight (1lb) passive (no power required)

Sync audio video lighting pyro midi and more sync (2) computers with (6) remote switches accurate punching on multiple computers remote a/b selection bypass independent control of synced computers fault protection smart disconnect no interfaces no plug-ins no time code no mtc no special cables no latency heavy duty stomp switch 9v battery lasts 100+ hours on b-channel optional upgrade to wall wart power supply b-channel red led for balanced audio unbalanced midi smpte custom cables madi matrix usb pedal custom cables instrument cables professional studio touring quality customize any cable configuration straight or right angle connectors 6” 1’ 5’ 10’ 15’ 20’ free consultation and estimate techflex labels and other options choose your materials length specs for guitar keys and other unbalanced instruments music audio tools 78 essential audio reference tracks check sound system on any media player test tone frequencies oscillators pink noise generators speech musical scales drum sounds animal sounds music and more easily test pas home/car stereos headphones amplifiers related services audio Teknix tone Teknix professional audio services highly qualified engineers live sounds equipment rental and installations studio mobile recording musical instrument repair warranty authorized and certified amplifiers electronics servicing modifications installations and upgrades mobile services guitars basses keyboards mixers microphones and more