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Ryan Huddleston’s factory training

Stringed Instrument Warranty Authorized Repair:

-Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Martin, Ovation, Alvarez, Gretsch,

Jasmine, Mitchel, Peavey, Tacoma, Takamine, Washburn,

Yamaha, Yairi, B.C. Rich, Brian Moore, Conklin, Ibanez,

Parker, P.R.S., Ricken Bacher, Samick, Taylor, Tom

Anderson, Warwick, and more.


Amplifier & Electronics Warranty Authorized Repair:

-Fender, Gallien Krueger, SWR, Gibson, Trace Elliot

-All Guitar Center #111 & #112 RA including; Marshall,

Korg, Ampeg, Crate, Mesa Boogie, Line 6, Vox, Digitech,

Yamaha, Roland, Rocktron, Boss, Sony, Mackie, DBX,

DOD, plus many more digital and analog devices.


Fender Warranty Authorized Repair:

-Acoustic Guitar Repair – Silver Level (2002)

-Electric Guitar Repair – Silver Level (2002)

-Amplifier & Electronics Repair – Silver Level (2002)


RH Resume 2016 RH Resume 2016

A wall of Les Paul guitars made by both Gibson and Epiphone hangs in the Guitar Center on south loop 289. Paul, the inventor of multi-track recording and pioneer of the electric guitar, died Thursday morning in White Plains, NY at the age of 94. (John A. Bowersmith/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

Equipment Endorsements

These are the wonderful companies and products that I use and recommend.  I couldn’t do it without them.  Thank you to all of my vendors and friends for the support and endorsements.  Click the images to go right to their website.