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Ryan Huddleston

Crew position:

Backline Technician

Artist and instrumentation:

Bass Tech for Hector Maldonado &

Computer Programmer for Argon-7


Vista, California


May 30

Quote to live by:

“Remember the past, think of the future, but live for today.”



Gear used for Train:

Mesa Boogie Bass amps and speakers, some pedal stuffs, and lots of Apple computers with Motu interfaces for automation

Years working with Train:


Favorite Train Song:

Mermaid, and any Led Zeppelin song

Work history:

Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson, Julien-K, Orgy, Chester Bennington, Joss Stone, The Go-Gos, Belinda Carlisle, Microsoft, Tony Robbins, Human League, Flock of Seagulls, Naked Eyes, Avenged Sevenfold, Taylor Swift, War, and many more… not to mention Teknix Concepts.

Describe a typical show day with Train:

Load in around 10am, place equipment and go to brunch.  Test, update, repair, and service equipment as needed.  Play bass for a few minutes to make sure the rig sounds good and is show ready, then shut down and store gear for support bands to move into position.  Dinner. Catchup on my social life and/or rest before show time and load out.  Rinse and repeat.

What do you do when not on tour with Train:

I think I work harder when I am home.  Always busy recording and performing with my band Impentris, Guitar Serenity, or several other music projects.  I also operate the majority of Teknix Concepts and its many divisions, including programming and managing this website. Click around, you’ll get the idea quickly.  Don’t miss the Intenational Roadie section and the 8-DVD instructional video series.  You can also go straight to my youtube page or hear my music through this site.  I am always busy, but always hungry for more, so stay tuned for much more to come…

How did you break into the music industry: 

It was a long process starting as a child, with many hours of learning, practicing, and failing. After acquiring 6 Vocational degrees in music production, while pursuing multiple internships at studios, audio companies, and music repair shops, and receiving certifications in Pro Tools, wireless, and more, I finally got a gig mixing 14 hours a day for a month long music festival in Del Mar, California (SD Fair).  I met a guy who liked me and offered me a touring position with the GoGos and Green Day.  So within one month I finished school, turned 21, landed the Del Mar gig, and went on tour with Green Day to Japan.  Then met a guy who liked me, and I haven’t stopped touring in 10 years.

Favorite destination visited on tour and why:

Hawaii!  I would live there if I wasn’t so addicted to modern society.  Hana, on Maui, is possibly the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  And for not having to leave the country, it is well worth it.

Funny or memorable story on tour with Train:

I think my favorite moment with Train was standing in New York City on New Years Eve 2012 watching the ball drop, just after Train performed “Imagine” on the Carson Daly show.  There was so much energy and love in the air, and it was awesome to appreciate the moment before running off to do the next gig at the Hard Rock an hour later.




Ryan Huddleston

Bass Tech, Programmer

Rob Greene

Monitors Sound Engineer

Jason Moore

Front of House Sound Engineer

Kenny Sharretts

Drum Tech

Brock Hogan

Lighting Designer

Ian Planet

Guitar and Keyboard Tech

Moose Douglass

Guitar Tech



Pat’s Assistant

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