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Rob Greene

Crew position:

Monitor Engineer

Artist and instrumentation:

The whole band


Brandon, FL


Cant call it

Quote to live by:

“Get it Goin!”


Gear used for Train: 

I am mixing on a Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console feeding D&B M6 wedges and V8 sidefills and Sennheiser inner ears monitoring devices. We use an Audio Technica 5400 wireless mic for Pat and mostly Audio Technica Mics on Stage.

Describe a typical show day with Train:

Wake up, eat breakfast, set and cable my console, then RF mics and IEM system. I will then scan the venue for open wireless frequencies for my mics and IEMs. Once all mics and IEM are set to the proper carrier frequency, I send pink noise to every device to ensure everything is working correctly. Then I eat lunch if there is time. Back to work! This is a good time to say “1 2, 1 2, Hey Hey, 1 2″ into the main microphone until it sounds good in the speakers. Now we can place mics on all the instruments on the stage.  Once all the instruments are miked, it is time to do a line check. The band techs will play each instrument and we all make sure everything sounds as good as possible. After line check, the band sound checks if they want to. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Now it’s time for dinner. After dinner I change batteries on wireless mics and IEMs and deliver the band’s in ears to the dressing room. If there was another band playing before us, we will re-check all the instruments to make sure we are ready for the show. Showtime! I watch and listen to the band and make adjustments when needed. Band says good night, everyone in the front row asks for picks, drum sticks, and set lists. Pack up all the gear, drink a beer on the bus, go to sleep. Wake up the next day somewhere else and do it again.

Years working with Train:

16 years

Favorite Train song:

This will be my Year

What do you do when not on tour with Train:

Spend time with my wonderful wife at home, chill at the beach, mountain bike, snowboard, camp

Employment history:

Matchbox 20, Mighty Joe Plum, Virgos Merlot, Dust for Life, Sister Hazel, Seven Mary Three, Gavin Degraw

How did you break into the music industry:

After attending Full Sail University, I worked as a stage hand for a local sound company in Orlando. Started working gigs mixing monitors for local shows. Then when Matchbox 20 went on the road, my sound company sent me out with them. The rest is history.

Favorite destination visited on tour and why:

Bora Bora. Most beautiful island I’ve ever been to. Hotel room was over the water.

Funny or memorable story on tour with Train:

We plexiglassed our old production manager into his bunk. We had to hide the plexiglass in the bay of the bus. Once he fell asleep we pulled over to get everything out of the bay of the bus, used some C clamps to hold the glass to the outside of the bunk and then taped some goldfish to the glass. He had to call one of us in the morning to get out to pee. HA!



Ryan Huddleston

Bass Tech, Programmer

Rob Greene

Monitors Sound Engineer

Jason Moore

Front of House Sound Engineer


Pat’s Assistant

Kenny Sharretts

Drum Tech

Brock Hogan

Lighting Designer

Ian Planet

Guitar and Keyboard Tech

Moose Douglass

Guitar Tech


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