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Kenny Sharretts

Crew position:

Drum Technician

Artist and instrumentation:

Drums and Programming for Drew Shoals


Austin, TX


Oct 19

Quote to live by:

“Does anyone know the lyrics to “African Child?”

Gear used for Train:

Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Yamaha DTX Electronics, Pintech Triggers, Porter & Davies Thrones.

Describe a typical show day with Train:

Get up, fly in early, set up, kill it for the band, do a killer show, kill it on the load out, go to the hotel/bus/plane. Repeat. An absolute blast from beginning to end.

Years working with Train:


Favorite Train song:

Counting Airplanes

Employment history:

Rihanna (3 Years), Stevie Wonder (7 Years), Enrique Iglesias,  Kelly Clarkson, Melissa Ethridge, Joss Stone, Peter Frampton, American Idols Live, 30 Seconds To Mars, Smash Mouth, Michelle Branch, Double Trouble.

How did you break into the music industry:

I studied music all of my life. After 2 years in the School of Music at Sam Houston State University, I finished up with a BBA from UT at Austin. Hook ’em Horns. During that time my band was doing well in the scene, so I pursued my career as a songwriter and musician for hire. After many years of playing and teaching, my musical travels put me in touch with the guitar tech for Melissa Ethridge. We did a showcase band together for a label artist, and when the deal fell through he got me the gig as Kenny Aronoff’s drum tech with Melissa. After that, I just kept playing and teaching.

Favorite destination visited on tour and why:

London. There is so much to do, and music is so alive in the people. Doing shows there is like being on the front page of Rolling Stone. K-West. Royal Garden. The O2. Festivals in Hyde Park. V-Fest. Pints.

What do you do when not on tour with Train:

When I’m not on tour with Train, I write, record, and perform in Austin, TX with my band So Called Underground. We are currently working on a new album entitled “A Muse For A Minute”. Check out our songs by clicking here So Called Underground.

I also teach private tuning lessons around the Texas area, and have a You Tube channel for Drum Tech Tips. Check out the details and book a lesson by clicking here Kenny Sharretts Drum Page on Facebook.

Beyond that, I do studio sessions as a tech & drummer, as well as play a lot of pickup gigs with artists such as Monte Montgomery, The Carson Alexander Band,  LC Rocks, and with RAE at Grace Lutheran Church in Conroe, TX when I can make it out.

Funny or memorable story:

There are so many to tell it’s hard to choose. As far as memorable goes, sitting in on an American Idols show so one of the singers could serenade the drummer stands out, as does jamming on Led Zeppelin’s The Ocean with Stevie Wonder’s band during sound check at Taste of Chicago in 2008. Drinking too many shots called the 666 with my buddy Ryan Huddleston in Nice, France.  I ended up sitting in with the house band at the bar, and playing 7 original songs with them that I never heard before. I felt so in tune with the band, almost like I was tripping on psychedelics. After the jam I asked the bartender what was in those drinks. She said Whiskey, Tequila, and Absinthe. Solid. It all makes sense now. As far as funny goes, I remember picking up my drummer’s wallet and watch off the riser after the show, while he was up front taking a bow. I just wanted to hand him his stuff so he could relax backstage. Unfortunately, my radio caught the cable to one of his drum triggers, pulled it out of the jack, and set off the sample. Hence right as the band bowed, a giant “gong” went off in the PA. Classic!



Photo Credits:

1) Christina Sharretts

2) Ryan Huddleston




Ryan Huddleston

Bass Tech, Programmer

Rob Greene

Monitors Sound Engineer

Jason Moore

Front of House Sound Engineer


Pat’s Assistant

Kenny Sharretts

Drum Tech

Brock Hogan

Lighting Designer

Ian Planet

Guitar and Keyboard Tech

Moose Douglass

Guitar Tech


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