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Jason Moore

DSC_7517-Version-2-1024x6832Crew position:

Front of House Sound Engineer

Describe the equipment you are responsible for with Train:

FOH Audio Gear


Longwood, FL

Quote to live by:

“Be cool.”


Describe a typical show day with Train:

We will typically load in at 8am. At that point we start to build our audio gear to be ready for sound check at 3pm. After the opening bands finish their sets, we spend 30 minutes double checking our gear and then begin the Train show. After our set, we pack it all up and move on to the next town. 

Years working with Train:

2 years 9 months

Favorite Train Song:

We Were Made For This / Free

What do you do when not on tour with Train:

Spend time with my family.

Employment history:

Goo Goo Dolls, Meatloaf, Selena Gomez, Guy Fieri, David Cook, Blake Lewis, 7 Mary 3, Tonic, Collective Soul, Grinspoon, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Sister Hazel.

How did you break into the music industry?

I played sax in middle and high school and picked up a guitar around the same time. In 1994 my mother gave me a sound system she had purchased for a band project that had recently ended. Her thought was, I could rent it out for income. My first tour was with the band Sister Hazel, they often played the venue where I cut my teeth. That tour started in 1997. 

Favorite destination visited on tour and why:

Iraq, because it was to support our troops, and Hawaii, because it’s beautiful.

Funny or memorable story on tour with Train:

The day Pat called me by my name.





Ryan Huddleston

Bass Tech, Programmer

Rob Greene

Monitors Sound Engineer

Jason Moore

Front of House Sound Engineer


Pat’s Assistant

Kenny Sharretts

Drum Tech

Brock Hogan

Lighting Designer

Ian Planet

Guitar and Keyboard Tech

Moose Douglass

Guitar Tech


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