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Ian Planet

Crew position:

Guitar & Keyboard tech

Artist and instrumentation:

Jerry Becker. Musical director, pianist and guitarist


Long Island, NY

Quote to live by:

“Live free or die”




Describe the equipment you are responsible for with Train:

Assorted Taylor acoustics, 4 and 6 series. Gibson SG and junior electric guitar. Matchless dc30 guitar amplifier. Nord keyboards, Roland and Korg synths. As well as a Korg cx3 organ.

Describe a typical show day with Train:

Every show is different and similar. We typically travel and arrive at the location.  Set up for the show, do the show, then break down the show. Travel again.

Years working with Train:

I started with train in 2010 on their Save Me San Francisco tour. Then re-joined in 2012 for their California 37 world tour.

Favorite Train Song:

I love Trains whole first album, Free, Eggplant, Homesick, Words, This Ain’t Goodbye, Feels Good At First. I am a fan of many train songs.

What do you do when not on tour with Train:


Employment History:

All Time Low, We The Kings, Forever The Sickest Kids, Envy On The Coast, The Auction, Valencia

How did you break into the music industry:

I worked at a local guitar store in NY, was involved in all sorts of local music shows and bands. Started recording bands. Learned all about guitars and audio, got a foot in the door, jumped in a van out of high school, and never looked back.

Favorite destination visited on tour and why:

Singapore! BBQ stingray

Instagram: ProfessorPlanet



Ryan Huddleston

Bass Tech, Programmer

Rob Greene

Monitors Sound Engineer

Jason Moore

Front of House Sound Engineer


Pat’s Assistant

Kenny Sharretts

Drum Tech

Brock Hogan

Lighting Designer

Ian Planet

Guitar and Keyboard Tech

Moose Douglass

Guitar Tech



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