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  • The Tricknology Video Series, with 8 DVD’s & more than 6 hours of instruction, is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician in the Music Industry. Ryan Huddleston takes you into the shop, into the studio, and on the road with him, to teach you all the best trix & methods of professional Audio Engineers & Backline Technicians.
  • This 1-on-1 instructional approach gives you a virtual hands-on experience unparalleled by any classroom setting, and it comes with diagrams, slow motion video effects, and other enhanced features. Ryan is entertaining and humorous, yet very informative. You’ll learn many of the industry’s standards, as well as some ultra effective MacGyver tactics & Teknix trix that will boost your proficiency & understanding of many procedures practiced by most touring professionals.
  • Ryan’s knowledge and expert advice is essential for someone seeking stronger foundations in the technologies used for creating music with acoustic and electronic instrumentation. He will provide a greater awareness of the sciences & physics of sound, electricity, mechanics, plus simple & complex troubleshooting. Ryan demonstrates many methods to increase gear performance through optimization of your equipment’s feel & touch, presentation & look, design & programming, tone & sound quality, and so much more. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you are guaranteed to pick up some new trix with the Tricknology Video Series by Teknix Concepts and Ryan Huddleston.
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  1. Stratocaster® Re-String & Cleaning
  2. Tuning & Stretching
  3. Truss Rod & Saddle (Action) Adjustment
  4. Fixed Bridge Intonation
  5. Speed Re-String
  6. Bonus String Trix
  7. Bonus Truss & Intonation Trix
In this video Ryan demonstrates the process of performing a complete standard guitar setup, covering the entire process of cleaning, stringing, intonation, action, truss rod adjustments, and more. Ryan also offers bonus trix to make the process faster, easier, and safer. Grey Bar RH TONE #2 - GUITAR STRINGING TRIX
  1. Floyd Rose® De-String
  2. Floyd Rose® Re-String
  3. Floyd Rose® Tuning
  4. Nylon String Tuning Tips
  5. Acoustic Guitar Nylon De-String
  6. Acoustic Guitar Nylon Re-String
In this video Ryan demonstrates the process of stringing guitars with Floyd- Rose bridge systems and acoustic guitars with nylon strings. He offers many tuning and stretching trix for both systems, and covers the various bridge functions, maintenance, and how to optimize playability. Grey Bar RH TONE #3 - BASS SETUPS & MAINTENANCE
  1. Introduction
  2. Neck & Action Adjustment
  3. Intonation Trix
  4. Intonation Adjustment
  5. Output Jack Diagnostics
  6. Bonus Trix
In this video Ryan explains the various adjustments and techniques for setting up bass guitars. He also explains important troubleshooting & diagnostics, and offers some ultra-efficient setup trix. Grey Bar RH TONE #4 - COMMON GUITAR REPAIRS
  1. Introduction & Diagnostics
  2. Potentiometer & Knob Repair
  3. String Nut Modification
  4. Bridge Calibration & Modification
  5. Electronic Components & Functions
  6. Broken Headstock Repair
  7. Broken (Off) Headstock Repair
  8. Headstock Maintenance
  9. Electronics Maintenance
In this video Ryan gives an in-depth explanation of common, and essential guitar repairs. He shows how to perform advanced maintenance, modifications, and repairs for optimizing any guitar. Grey Bar RH TONE #5 - TUBE AMP SERVICING & REPAIRS
  1. Introduction & Physical Inspection
  2. Tube & Capacitor Diagnostics
  3. Inside the Chassis
  4. Tube Testing
  5. Tube Biasing
  6. Audible Diagnostics
  7. Reverb Tank Failures
In this video Ryan teaches the process of diagnosing and repairing common failures on tube amplifiers. He explains the entire process of physical inspection, troubleshooting, tube biasing, reverb tank repair, and much more. Grey Bar RH

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Tricknology Intro

Meet the Instructor RH-005BlkRed Shop2 Ryan Huddleston is a professional Sound Engineer, Electronics Technician, and Instrument Specialist, as well as an accomplished recording and performing Musician. He has been a key figure and consultant for multiple world tours, recording sessions, and production designs for numerous Multi-Platinum Artists and professional productions like Christina Aguilera, Train, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Bolton, The Fray, Joss Stone, NFL, NHL, The Today Show, Live 8, Tony Robbins, Microsoft, and many more. Before touring, Ryan was an Authorized Warranty Repair Senior Technician for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and other electronic devices at one of the largest instrument repair facilities in the country, String Masters. While working there as District Manager, he completed 6 college degrees and several certifications in the fields of Music Technology, Music Theory, Stage Performance, Live Sound Reinforcement, Recording Arts, Digital Audio Production, Amplifiers & Electronics, Stringed Instruments, Pro Tools Software, and Wireless Coordination. Ryan's professionalism, musical talents, tactical precision, and digital wizardry have allowed him to work with hundreds of A-level artists & major corporations for more than 15 years, in more than 60 countries, with dozens of endorsement relationships, White House clearance, and pockets full of MacGyver tricks. More Tech Resources


The Tricknology Video Series, with 8 DVD's & more than 6 hours of one-on-one instruction, is perfect for every Musician, Engineer or Technician. Ryan Huddleston takes you into the shop, into the studio, and on the road with him, to teach you all the best trix of professional Audio Engineers & Backline Technicians.



Elixir Strings Guitar Tech Troubleshooting Video Series, Featuring Ryan Huddleston. Learn the secrets from a guitar tech, so you can troubleshoot and prevent various technical difficulties, such as Staying in Tune, Noise and Crackle, String Buzz, and No Volume. Get your gear optimized for performance, so you can take the stage, or hit the studio, like a pro!

Music and Audio Tools.StrokeMUSIC & AUDIO TOOLS

The International Roadie “Music and Audio Tools” CD is an encyclopedia of test tones. 78 essential reference tracks: Drum Sounds, 31-Band EQ Test Tones, Oscillators, Pink Noise Generators, Speech, Musical Scales, Animal Sounds, Music, & more.  Use these reference sounds to test musical & audio equipment in the shop and on location.

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  1. Anthony Lee says:

    I bought this after taking 4 months of lessons and it’s one of the best investment I’ve made. It’s an outstanding supplement to my lessons, and has given me a much more professional approach to being a guitarist.

  2. Michael Carter says:

    I love this DVD set! It takes a bit of pausing and rewinding to really figure out what he’s doing, but I’m pretty much a beginner. This really helped me.

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